Finalist Christian New Media Awards 2014 - Innovative Use of New Media In Outreach

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Pastor Adrian Dexter

Pastor Adrian Dexter, is the senior pastor od Liberty Church in Rotherham. Adrian also coordinates a relational network of around 25 Church leaders form a wide cross-section...

Mrs Kirsty Wilson

I started off my dream career in primary teaching, however realised that it wasn’t for me, I started seeing social workers coming in and out of classes working with c...

Ms Gill Scott

Gill Scott is a owner of a company called Motive Leadership which offers leadership coaching and training and specifically encourages creative expression through the brand ...

Mrs Wendy Holmes

Divorcee with three adult sons and 8 grandchildren.  Inspired at 18yrs of age  by Gladys Aylwood, solo missionary to China.  Wasn't til the age of 45 that...

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