Finalist Christian New Media Awards 2014 - Innovative Use of New Media In Outreach

How to Write a Powerful Profile

The media always value a short profile or biography attached to your good news story if you are involved, and especially if you would like to be a spokesperson, so they know more about you and what makes you tick.

Where to start?

Start with a sentence or two highlighting your main area(s) of expertise. Journalist will probably not continue to read your whole biography unless you give them a short sumary of the main points. You might find it easier to write your biography first and then come back to this.

Your Biography

Introduce yourself with the obvious details - name, age, where you live in Sheffield/South Yorkshire and with whom - partner, family, pets etc. Then include some details on your education, career so far, achievements, awards, drawing attention to your life experiences and any specialist expertise that make you an appropriate guest for the category you have chosen. You might then add any quirky details about yourself and finish off with any media experience.