Finalist Christian New Media Awards 2014 - Innovative Use of New Media In Outreach

Mrs Kirsty Wilson

Gender: Female
Age group: 25-44
Phone: 07429519228
Specialist topic: Human Trafficking / Child protection / Addictions
Organisation: City Hearts
Organisation position: Anti Traffickinh Manager
Media Experience: Radio, tv, paper
Available for: Radio,Print

About Kirsty

I started off my dream career in primary teaching, however realised that it wasn’t for me, I started seeing social workers coming in and out of classes working with children whose parents were drug addicts.  I started my degree again, in social work.  I ended up working in the Phillippines on mission trips in a Childrens orphanage.  On one trip to the Government hospital I was greeted at the gate with a women trying to sell me her twins so she could pay her medical expenses, I guess you could say this was my first contact with “human trafficking” or the “selling of humans”. 

I then went onto work in child protection and fostering and adoption in the UK, and then relocated down to Rotherham working with pregnant drug addicts.  In Novemeber 2013 I started working with City Hearts, after reading more into Human trafficking and reading the book “undaunted”.  

over the past 14 months of working I have seen over 70 women and children rescued. Every morning I wake up ready for the day ahead it's so contenting knowing your in the right job and the right place, 

I am a leader at Liberty Church, where I serve in various roles and I'm also a worship leader there. 

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