Finalist Christian New Media Awards 2014 - Innovative Use of New Media In Outreach

Ms Gill Scott

Gender: Female
Age group: 45-65
Phone: 07790039357
Specialist topic: Leadership, Christianity, domestic abuse, End LIfe care, health
Organisation: Disentangling Genius
Organisation position: Solopreneur
Media Experience: Academic papers, Amateur social media and published author
Available for: Radio,Print

About Gill

Gill Scott is a owner of a company called Motive Leadership which offers leadership coaching and training and specifically encourages creative expression through the brand Disentangling Genius.

A nurse by profession with over twenty years in hospice and end of life care, she has developed a highly empathic approach with her clients.  She exudes a passion for individuals, organisations and teams to cut through the tangle of bureaucracy, institutionalisation, containment and religion for their uniquely created genius to flourish.

Born in Bury, Lancashire, graduating from Hull University and latterly residing in Doncaster, her accent is northern though indistinct! Her career has included significant and often parallel periods of time in the higher education of nurses, hospice practice, church leadership, health promotion and leadership coaching.  She loves working with small groups with a facilitative learning style.

One of her biggest moments of pride in 1994 was holding out for a home birth and producing her firstborn safely at a time this was less than straightforward.

A journaller since the age of 8 she published her first book Disentangling Genius in 2014 which is a metaphor of the tangled threads of our thwarted desires hopes and dreams. In it she takes the reader into the studio of their own imagination to meet some of the geniuses of history and contemporary life.  She speaks from personal experience of disappointment, sabotage and resistance. There she teases and unravels 7 knots of frustration that may affect all of us at some point in our lives. Particular compassion is for the weary pioneer, discouraged dreamer or flat-lining mid-lifer.

She is a committed partner at Legacy church Doncaster, a life group leader, loves cinema and Art and has many more books to come!

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