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Right Words and Right Attitude

Many times we do not think of how far and deep our words go and get to people. Imagine telling someone that has lost his/her self esteem how beautiful and intelligent you think they are - that would really go a long way you know. Also imagine how you would feel if someone said this to you "you are never going to be successful in life", "you are so ugly", how depressed would you feel? Positive words and positive actions go along way in making people: 'hopeful', 'confident' 'joyful', 'optimistic' and 'smile'.

Everyone wants to hear something good, pleasant and lovely about themselves. No one wants to be depressed, sad and devastated. Imagine how lovely this world would be if everyone spoke the right words and gave the right attitudes... So many people feel rejected by their family members; some by their parents; many others by their siblings; and a good number of people by their friends because of the words spoken and attitudes given to them.

Now, let us start with the family and let us think deeply. How do we react to situations when they arise at home? How do we interact with our siblings, parents or children when they have done something wrong? How do you speak to someone in your family who is disabled? Do you go about abusing and insulting them or do you want to be part of the few people that believe in them even when others do not?

I think it is really important to consider the things we say to people before we say them. Let us take time to think of how 'hurt' or 'happy' we would feel if the certains words we say to other people were said to us. So many people have given up on themselves because of the words that their so called family members have spoken to them. Hundreds of people end their days with tears rolling down their eyes because someone insulted them at work or gave a very annoying attitude to them. A lot of people are sad to go back to their homes after work or school because of the sadness it brings.

When I was much more younger, many people kept telling me that I was too fat. I never saw myself as being too fat but I began to think about it the moment almost everyone was telling me to watch my weight or stop eating too much. I was so down that I kept crying everyday because "I was too fat" as they said. I decided to stop eating and I was ready to just destroy myself because of these words. I lost my self-esteem especially when I was with people that did not seem "too fat", I was in fact not bold to talk to people because I was scared that the next statement would be "you are too fat". This was really bad for me and I was terribly hurt but no one understood how I felt as they kept saying it.

I remember going to talk to my dad and I asked him "do you think I am too fat?" I was not sure of the answer he was going to give but I was ready to weep and maybe kill myself if it was positive. As he began to speak, I shook and then he said "No, you are not too fat". With joy in my heart, I hugged him and ran to my room to say "thank God I finally found someone who does not think..." At that point I felt that someone had taken the wrong words from my heart and put in the right ones.

Some people just need to find one person who would tell them they are not as terrible as other people think they are. Many people need one person who would smile at them when every other person frowns and snobs them. A lot of people need to get their confidence back by speaking to some one who would say "I believe in you". People need to locate someone who would tell them they are "beautiful". Many others need someone's shoulder to lean on, some one to wipe their tears and show them love. We can decide to take the crazy and devastating words out of the hearts of people and put in the right ones. we can also decide to erase the memory of bad attitudes by giving lovely and pleasant ones.

I have decided since the day my day gave me a negative answer about  being too fat to make sure I do not look down on any one. I want to make people happy and make them smile by saying the right words and giving the right attitude.

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