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50th Christian Aid May Day Trek

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Christian Aid May Day Trek, in 1964 over 2,000 people walked through Sheffield City centre to help raise money to end poverty. In 2015 we mark the 50th trek to take place in Sheffield. We'd love to invite others to join in and help make global poverty a thing of the past.

May 4th will mark the 50th anniversary trek to have taken part in support of the work of Christian Aid. In 1964 over 2,000 participants trekked a route of roughly 15 miles through Sheffield city Centre. This was in response to increasing poverty and lack of access to basic sanitation in the developing world. The plight of those living in extreme poverty was not something new but churches of Sheffield came together in a new way to do something about it. It was a dynamic response to a world wide issue.

In 2015 we mark the 50th trek to have taken place in the city, though we aren't expecting 2,000 people on May 4th it is a day of witness and a day to help raise money for those still living without access to water, electricity and basic health care. Christian Aid is one of the largest development agencies in the UK, and its mandate to work in relief, development and advocacy comes through the churches who support us in Britain and Ireland.

The May Day Trek in Sheffield has become well known for its 3 differing routes of 5, 10 and 17 miles starting off from St Luke's Church, Lodge Moor and winding its way out into the beautiful Peak District on the cities doorstep. Often used by Churches as a day of fellowship its become an iconic part of  many churches social calendar across the city.

This year we would love to extend this invitation out to anyone who enjoys walking, who appreciates beautiful countryside and who wants to make a difference fighting poverty for some of the worlds most needy people.

If you'd like to take part please register via the Sheffield May Day Trek website and join us for this historic 50th trek

The money raised will go directly to supporting the work of Christian Aid in over 50 countries world wide. Be part of history this spring.

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