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A Small Sheffield Charity that’s making big differences.

A Sheffield charity supports hospital ship which delivers free of charge life changing surgeries to people in West Africa.

Kids Around The World, who run a charity shop at 708 Chesterfield Road, Woodseats, were delighted to fund surgery for Ravette whose life has been blighted since an anti-malarial injection in babyhood. Her backward-bending knees left her struggling to walk, sit on a chair, or attend school. She knows what it’s like to be bullied and ridiculed – to watch from the side lines as other children run and play together.

She and her mum travelled miles to the Africa Mercy Hospital Ship and her smile grew wider when she was accepted for surgery. She was so excited to take her first steps on her straightened legs.

Kids Around The World funds five separate children’s projects in Philippines, China and West Africa. All the projects have been visited by one of the trustees who can confirm that donations are wisely spent and reach those for whom they’re intended.

The shop is always very grateful for donations of clothing, bric-a-brac, books, small electrical items, shoes, handbags and baby equipment.


For more information on Kids Around The World please contact:

Wendy M Holmes
Founding Trustee
0793 952 5168



Sisters, Wendy Holmes and Cynthia Goodison, have travelled to some of the poorest parts of the world, and have raised funds to feed, house, clothe and educate children. Wendy’s heart was captured in 1989 whilst at a small children’s home in the Philippines.

After returning from the beach, with the 18 children, a small table had been set for a meal. The children were nowhere to be seen. She asked the housemother whether they had food to eat and the reply was ‘We ate yesterday and maybe we’ll eat tomorrow’.

There was no complaint, no self pity, just a simple statement; yet they produced a meal for Wendy.

Since that time the sisters have run a child sponsorship programme and now over 300 children have grown up there, being loved, educated and cared for.

Subsequently they have visited and helped children in Romania, Latvia, Armenia, China, Liberia, Jamaica, Kosova and Bosnia.

In light of all the needs experienced, they decided to open up a charity shop; so in November 2012 Kids Around The World opened this shop.

To date we have given away £85,000 for specific needs to the projects which we visit, some examples are:

  • Furnishing a home for 8 disabled children in China. Funding a special wheelchair for a teenager there.
  • Building 4 basic homes for survivors of a landslide in the Philippines – each family had lost children in the disaster.
  • Financing surgery for a young girl who needed a lung removing (Philippines)
  • Funding orthopaedic surgeries for children aboard the Africa Mercy Hospital ship
  • Supplying educational material to Networks Romania who educate street children.

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