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Baking a Difference

Free Cakes for Kids Sheffield bakes birthday cakes for children in the city who for reasons such as poverty, homelessness or illness may not otherwise have the chance to blow out the candles on their special day. We're baking a difference, one cake at a time.

Free Cakes for Kids Sheffield was launched in late in August 2013 by Kate Thorpe. There are 75 groups of varied sizes across the country which operate under the Free Cakes UK name.

Free Cakes for Kids Sheffield set up as a Constituted Group at the end of January 2014 and now has pver 50 volunteers signed up to bake and deliver cakes as well as help us raise money and awareness. As of April 2014 we have baked nearly 50 cakes for children across the city, with another 25 booked in so far to bake between now and June.

There are children in Sheffield who are growing up in very difficult circumstances every day of the year. A birthday cake from us might be the first cake the child has ever had, it might give the family the opportunity to celebrate a birthday with friends and family for the first time. We make a difference, one cake at a time.

We bake birthday cakes for children aged 1-18 for a many different reasons, including poverty, homelessness, for looked after children or for children who are receiving extra support from their school. It's not always about a family not being able to afford to provide a cake - it might be because there is a sibling who has advanced needs, a family member is unwell or absent, or because the family is in temporary accommodation like a B&B or refuge without access to a kitchen. We are working with many different charities, schools and social workers across the city who refer families to us for a cake. We’ve baked birthday cakes for children supported by food banks, the NHS, Shelter, Roundabout Sheffield, for children in foster care and those being supported by social workers, for children at primary and secondary schools and for families living in local refuges.

Our volunteers include mums who baked for their children's birthdays over the years and now those kids are grown up, others are keen Great British Bake Off-inspire amateurs and some have small cake businesses and want to give something back. Many volunteers have fond memories of their
own childhood cakes and hate the thought of a child growing up without similar memories. All our volunteers commit to very high standards of food safety and confidentiality.

The local community is overwhelmingly supportive and local businesses including Make or Bake, Oh Sugar, Fancie LTD and Total Linguistics help us provide cakes for children in the city.

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