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Dan Aid – Raising Awareness about the Dangers of Body Piercing

Educating teenagers’ one school at a time!

After a successful Body Piercing Teaching Resource pilot scheme in Sheffield secondary schools, the Dan Aid pioneering educational resource is now available to schools and other educational establishments across the UK. With over 30,000 young people educated about this topic throughout Sheffield schools, the potential for many more young people to benefit from this important information is an exciting prospect for Dan Aid, and has been at the forefront of their campaign.

Spearheaded by Christina Anderson (Dan’s Mum), Dan Aid is a Sheffield initiative which was set up by the family and friends in memory of 17yr old Daniel Hindle who died in 2002 after developing septicaemia, from a body piercing. Dan Aid provides workshops, advice, support and educational resources on all aspects of body piercing safety. Christina works tirelessly to raise awareness and inform young people of the risks associated with body piercing. She has produced an educational resource which helps young people to understand these risks. The teaching resource compliments and fills a gap in the secondary school curriculum. It is designed to be used by professionals who work with and guide young people, to build knowledge and understanding of what constitutes safe piercing practice.

‘Dan’s story is a really powerful and poignant starting point for introducing this topic in the classroom and students can really empathise with what happened. The strength of this pack is that you have not tried to produce a ‘one size fits all’ approach. You have built in considerable flexibility so that this teaching pack will suit ALL schools regardless of how PSHE is delivered.

I think this is an inspired educational resource and a wonderful legacy to Dan’s memory.’

Kim Wilson, PSHE Curriculum Leader, King Edward V11 School, Sheffield

‘The pack is well researched and thoughtfully presented, and has a definite impact on the audience. It is an excellent resource and one I would definitely use again and recommend to others.’

Gina Heaton, Head of PSHE, Sheffield High School

‘It is a superb resource and fits brilliantly with our body image unit in yr11. It also links with legislation and personal safety. It links brilliantly with several units in the citizenship and PSHE curriculum and therefore is constantly referred to- i.e. democracy yr 8, having a voice – responsibility in yr7.

We will continue to use it and together we can change the world!!!

The pack deals with major concepts, processes and content for PSHEE e.g. healthy lifestyle, risk, decision making. I would definitely recommend the pack; it can easily be used by non specialists and people with no prior knowledge about piercing. Equally, the resources provided can be adapted and expended due to the background information booklet.’

Eileen Hetherington, Leader in PSHE, High Storrs, Sheffield

As a recent graduate and Award Winner of Sheffield Hallam University, Christina secured funding for her entrepreneurship ideas to develop the body piercing teaching resource through the UnLtd HE Support Programme, and has produced a valuable addition to accompany all secondary schools’, colleges’ etc resources. The teaching resource is neither pro nor anti piercing, its aim is to simply equip young people with the knowledge to out into the world and make their own informed decisions about body piercing.

‘UnLtd are proud to invest in and support Christina, in partnership with Sheffield Hallam University through the HE Support Programme, to develop Dan Aid.  This is a vital and compelling campaign which Christina is seeking to address through developing effective tools and methods with a professional and dedicated approach. Reaching out to challenge perceptions and train and empower others to create social change for the better is exactly what our awards are for, and we wish her every success in this work.’

Nickala Torkington, Partnership and Support Manager – UnLtd

Mobile: 07432718967
Home: 0114 2645895
Twitter: @DanAidUK

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