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Local businesswoman joins fight against human trafficking

Rachel Salway who runs a fair trade fashion website was traumatised by the stories of lives affected by human trafficking, including a recent story of a lady who was trafficked into the UK from Uganda who didn’t see the light of day for over 6 years. Only managing to escape when she became pregnant and ill, and was dumped at the side of the road. This happened here in Sheffield not the other side of the world. Shocked and horrified Rachel decided to invest time and money to help support victims of this horrendous crime.

Rachel began partnering with organisations invested in rescuing, and restoring lives exploited by human trafficking, and started a website campaign called ‘STOP the Traffick!’, to raise money for Sheffield charity ‘The Snowdrop Project’. Rachel designed and commissioned a jewellery bracelet to support the charity, and also donates a percentage of sales from the website.

Rachel has just launched a brand new collection of STOP the Traffick! Bracelets, with a bid to raise as much money as possible to support five anti-trafficking charities. Along with the Snowdrop Project, Rachel now supports the ’Salvation Army’s Victim Support Programme’, ‘City Hearts’, ‘Hands’ and ‘Sanctuary in Cambodia’. Rachel is very pleased that amongst the new charities two specialise in supporting children and young adults, in particular ‘Hands’ who do an incredible work to protect children in North Thailand from traffickers. Every time someone buys a STOP the Traffick! Bracelet £5 is donated directly to the charity to help their work, you can see the collection at

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