Finalist Christian New Media Awards 2014 - Innovative Use of New Media In Outreach

Positivity, Hardwork & Optimism

The way children/students are taught or made to learn about anything, really matters. Many children get the mentality either from their parents,teachers or friends that they cannot perform more than they are doing or more than a certain "low" percentage. Some adults while studying or working on a project try to limit themselves because they feel that they cannot do or achieve much. Being positive and optimistic is very important, it pushes you to an achievable level and elevates you to an height unimaginable.

In our everyday lives, there is one thing or the other to learn or be educated about. Many times when we hear or sight the word 'education', what comes to our minds is - school. Well, we might be right because education has to do with learning and a school is a place for learning. Going by that little or no definition of education, wherever there is an opportunity to know something new or learn about something we never knew before, then we are partaking in a form of education.

Education is really important or let me say 'the process of learning is really important' but the attitude with which we carry out this activity is way more important. I have heard many kids, teenagers, youths and adults say that they do not think they can ever know or learn what their teacher/instructor/manager/lecturer teaches/instructs/explains/tells them. This is the wrong attitude because, the moment you believbe in your heart that you can not perfom well in what lies before you, no matter how simple that task is, you might end up not being able to perform. 

It is really important to be positive and have a positive attitude in the process of learning because this keeps you going and gives you an edge. As a student, saying things like :"I can't do this work"; "This is too difficult for me and so I am sure I would fail it"; "I have a brain that works slowly and so I just cannot understand whatever I am being taught" are not the right things to say, they would not help at all. It is better to say things like: 'I am a good student', 'I understand whatever my teacher teaches me'; 'i would not fail because I am going to work hard'.

Although it is not all about saying the positive things and making the right/positive statements, but doing this makes you want to work hard. The fact that I am positive about my homework, essay or classwork would make me want to learn more about it, meet someone who can explain it to me, check out for the necessary things to be done and be a better student. I have a personal quote which is "if you have not tried something, never say you cannot do it". This really helps because you have an opportunity to try before you speak negatively, and after you have tried you will discover that you were actually capable of doing whatever it is you thought you could not do. This is not just about students, you can relate it to your job or anything...

The moment you have decided to speak positively about your work (studies, job, skills) and you have also taken time to work hard towards acheiving all the good things you have said with your mouth and believed in your heart, then it is time to expect the best. Be optimistic, expect something good. Many people might say discouraging words or tell you that you can't achieve what you have prepared your mind to do but you have to remain focused and be optimistic. Failure comes when you give it the room to occur. No matter how hard a situation seems to be, do not lose your positive words, remember the hardwork you have put in and this will cause you to remain optimistic.

You can do anything good that you want to do, you can achieve anything great that you want to achieve, you can arrive at any pleasant destination that you want to arrive at... Be POSITIVE, get ready to WORK HARD and remain OPTIMISTIC no matter what comes your way.

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